Health Benefits of Far Infrared

What Are the Health Benefits of Far Infrared?

The sun bathes the planet with much more energy than we can see. Some energy is dispersed as visible light our eyes can use to navigate our environment. However, the invisible parts of the energy spectrum are also critical to the planet's survival and everything on it. Learn more about the health benefits of far infrared and how you can use the soothing energy of a far infrared sauna to your advantage.

What is Far Infrared Energy?

Far infrared energy (FIR), such as that produced by a far infrared sauna, are invisible energy rays that can penetrate the layers of skin to gently warm the body and activate and stimulate many of its internal systems. Unlike UVB and UVA rays produced by the sun, FIR has been proven harmless and an excellent way to get many benefits of sunlight without the risks.

What are the Health Benefits of Far Infrared?

The gentle warmth of far infrared makes it useful in hospital neonatal units, where it keeps newborn babies warm, but a far infrared sauna blanket you can use at home can deliver many more health benefits.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Exposing your body to far infrared stimulates and increases the heart rate while reducing diastolic blood pressure. An increased heart rate provides a slight cardiovascular benefit comparable to light exercise.

Far infrared energy may improve the health of cells that line our blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Improved Wound Healing

Exposing wounds to far infrared has shown promise with accelerated wound healing. A group of cells called fibroblasts react positively for faster wound healing, so FIR may help with healing burns, reducing the severity of acne breakouts, and lessening the effects of aging.

Relief From Joint Aches and Pains

The energy produced by a far infrared sauna penetrates deep into the body to improve circulation, which can help ease aching joints and muscles and provide relief from nervous tension.

A far infrared sauna can deliver many of the general health benefits of these soothing rays of energy in the comfort of your own home. Why wait for an appointment at a clinic to enjoy the advantages of far infrared therapy? Find relief from joint pain or discover a new way to relax after a workout by checking out your options in far infrared saunas today.

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