WillowyBe Product

This personal portable sauna by WillowyBe has an easy access sit-in sauna design compact spa size perfect for in-home use.

Personal Portable Sauna for Home

Which type of Portable Sauna is most suitable for home?

A Far infrared portable sauna from WillowyBe is high temperature and corrosion-resistant, worthwhile to use at home. Furthermore, the light from infrared saunas penetrates far deeper into the body, causing a more powerful sweat despite the lower temperature.

Is it worthwhile to have a Personal Portable Sauna at home?

Sitting in a sauna helps improve circulation and relax tight muscles in general. Taking a minute to relax may be a beneficial tool for stress relief, which has its health advantages and has been linked to improved cardiovascular health.

How can I transform my bathroom into a sauna?

To create a sauna setting in your bathroom, raise the temperature of the water and enclose the area so that steam may accumulate. To begin, bring your water heater temperature up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to turn it off after you're finished to avoid burning yourself.