Portable Sauna and Wood Sauna

Comparative Analysis of Portable Sauna and Wood Sauna

During the recent wave of social distancing measures keeping people at home and away from the gym, many fitness enthusiasts sought alternatives to the traditional wood sauna session after their workout. But, are portable saunas a worthy substitute for the traditional wood sauna? Do you get the same health benefits? Keep reading to find out.

Traditional Wood Sauna - How it Works

Bathing your entire body in heat is a practice that goes back millennia. The traditional sauna heats the air inside the room in much the same way as you use the heater in winter.

In the case of the sauna, the heat is delivered through a basket hot of rocks that are heated using a traditional fire or more commonly, an electrical heating element.

Saunas are not the same as steam rooms, but water is periodically splashed onto the hot rocks to increase the humidity and make breathing more comfortable.

How Do Portable Infrared Saunas Work?

Portable saunas using infrared to create heat are an increasingly popular option. Unlike traditional saunas, the surrounding air is not heated. Instead, the infrared heats the body directly.

Portable infrared saunas are compact, fast to set up, and easy to store out of the way, which makes them perfect for home use. Research has shown that sweat-inducing infrared heat provides many of the same benefits as traditional saunas, such as increased heart rate, improved blood flow, and clearing out the skin's pores for healthier-looking skin.

How do Portable Steam Saunas Work?

Unlike traditional wood saunas, which heat up the surrounding air, portable steam saunas use hot steam. This method ensures maximum safety while gaining all the benefits of a wood sauna.

Like a portable infrared blanket, steam saunas also give you access to a fast and convenient way to get in a quick sauna session without heading to the gym. Most portable steam saunas can deliver an hour's worth of steam, which is plenty of time to 'work' up a sweat, detoxify, and destress.

Any Sauna is Better Than No Sauna

Whichever type of sauna you choose, a portable sauna or a wood sauna, both versions use heat to deliver health benefits to the body. While a traditional wood sauna is an excellent way to wind down after a workout and socialize with a workout buddy, it can be challenging to get to the gym in this day and age, even without the lockdowns.

A potable sauna provides a decent option for gaining all the benefits of a wood sauna without the hassle of going to the gym or paying expensive spa membership fees. You'll be doing your body a world of good whichever method you choose.

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