Benefits of Led Mask Light Therapy for Facial Skin

LED mask light therapy is a non-invasive treatment using different wavelengths of infrared light to treat various skin conditions like acne and speed up wound healing. Keep reading to discover more benefits of LED mask light therapy for facial skin and how you can access this incredible technology.

Benefits of LED Mask Light Therapy

LED mask light therapy was first utilized by NASA during the nineties when it was used to accelerate wound healing in astronauts. Research continued, and even more benefits of mask light therapy were discovered.

Studies have shown that visible light can have dramatic effects on the skin when used in conjunction with lasers and intense pulse light treatment (IPL). Less energetic waveforms in the invisible spectrum, like infrared, can also have a beneficial influence when absorbed by the skin's molecules.

Altering the wavelengths is critical because each variation will penetrate to different skin depths where it can stimulate cellular activity and biological function that repairs damage from acne, sun exposure, and more.

LED mask light therapy poses no cancer risk as the devices do not emit any kind of UV.

What are The Best LED Mask Light Therapy Colors?

Discovering the benefits of LED mask lights on the skin is a relatively new field, so the most extensive research has focused on the red, orange, and blue spectrums. When you combine red and blue light into treatment, you get what's called photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Research has shown this color combination is excellent for stimulating collagen production, increasing blood circulation, and reducing inflammation. Patients undergoing facial surgical procedures will benefit from the faster healing provided by a LED mask treatment.

An intense peel that would otherwise leave the patient's skin red for hours can see them walk out of the treatment with significantly reduced inflammation after applying LED mask light therapy.

Studies indicate that blue light improves acne by influencing the skin's microbiome. Exposing acne-causing bacteria on the skin's surface to blue light kills them while also reducing oil production by the sebaceous glands.

While LED light therapy may not be the only solution for skin problems, regular use can reduce your reliance on creams and formulas for conditions like acne and fine lines from aging. Discover more about how you can reap the rewards of LED mask light therapy at home by checking out our website today.

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